Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Becoming Holtzmann: A Halloween costume obsession

If you didn't know already, I'm a little obsessed with the character Holtzmann from the new Ghostbusters movie. Not only is she a super cool nuclear engineer, she also has killer awesome fashion sense, a kooky personality, and specializes in spectral containment. What's not to like?!

So obviously I need to be Holtzmann for Halloween. Here's what I've got planned so far:
Exhibit A: A pair of Holtzmann-approved eyewear.
Ironically enough, probably not OSHA approved,
 so don't do real science in them.

Da goggles: I actually have the pair from the final ghost battle on the way and am TRYIIIIING to figure out how to get my grubby little hands on a pair that look like her Spectres, the ones she wears for a majority of the movie. However, even if plan A falls through I have this pair of pretty sweet goggles to fall back on. They weren't expensive either! The pair pictured was like $10 total, shipping included. I'm cheap which is part of the problem with finding the Spectre-like goggles. The movie goggles are modeled off of old 50's and 60's safety goggles and finding JUST the right pair (not even counting yellow lenses) for a price that doesn't make me feel like a bad person is tough. I'll keep searching...

Exhibit B: Standard Holtzmann attire,
including long vest, high waisted pants and snazzy boots.

Da outfit: I think muted colors of loose clothing and/or vests is the answer here. I have a green jacket that might work for the outer layer and I can wear my barn boots, but everything else is going to require some Goodwill shopping. I'm undecided as to which outfit I'll go for because I'm not sure if all of them will go well with my height. Kate McKinnon is tiny! I am like if Holtzmann and Patty swapped heights. Still, I should be able to find and use rough approximations of her style. The other option is to get a flight suit and put reflective tape on it for a classic "Ghostbusters" look but again- I'm cheap. Well, cheap but trying to make the outfit look not-cheap. Sometimes the suits in the costume shops are paper thin cotton and you can tell.

Exhibit C: The "Screw U" necklace
Honestly I didn't get the reference until I started searching "Holtzmann Necklace" online.

Da Jewelry: Holtzmann has a "Screw U" necklace that she wears pretty much all the time and it'll add to the costume if I can make one. I'm thinking its about shower ring size and I have plenty of screws left over from making the Catlas 5 tower, so if I cut out and spray paint a U and put a chain on it I think it's a done deal. Another option is the weird cow skull necklace she wears in one scene but it's less iconic. It is, however, available on Amazon. ;) I'm also kinda digging the swipe-button that's linked to her proton pack weapons but unless I get an Iphone sometime soon that will be hard to replicate. I'm sure SOME crazed fan has already made an app that duplicates the effect.

Da Makeup: Kate McKinnon does wear a significant amount of stage makeup to become Holtzmann. I'm not sure I'm going to go with complete shadowing and highlighting and all that because I don't use it often enough to do the make up well. However, I think I should at least do eyeliner to help bring out my eyes behind yellow lenses and try out whatever color lipstick she has! Thankfully I have about the same skin tone that she does so it'll look really similar if I can only find what color she's using. Baaah.

Holtz Hair

Da Hair: This is the scariest part! :O I am pretty sure I can pull the hairstyle off. Judging from all of the different camera angles and different days of shooting, Holtzmann's hair is a little shorter than chin length for the top layer and gets longer further down so she can put it back into a tiny bun from the sides. Dyeing in the highlights will be more scary than the cut itself as I've never gotten my hair dyed before (Well, except for some bright red tips a few days before I got my hair trimmed in college.) I'm definitely getting it professionally done though. That'll be the expensive part of my costume just because it won't be a costume, it'll last a decent amount of months afterwards too.

Da Equipment: Sadly I don't have time to make a full-up proton pack before Halloween. Maybe if I really stressed about it but I've been there and it's no fun stressing about a costume. However! I can definitely do the ghost trap. I'm planning on retrofitting our vacuum's dirt "bag" (aka: hardshell plastic container) because it looks pretty close shape-wise. It just needs some sheet metal-looking exterior work done to it and I miiiiiight end up putting some glowing LED's in it. We'll see how far it goes. If I have extra time I'll also add movement with the stomp-pedal attachment. That'll make it really fun. Then I can run around work yelling "we put a ghost in a box!" It'll be great.

PS: I also learned about this SWEEEEET easter egg found in the opening scene of the movie: a link to the website containing cool schematics for all of the ghost-busting equipment.
*The nerdiest squee*
Nerdy awesomeness
Well, that's the extent of my costume idea. I hope it turns out really well! :D I'm super excited about it and can't wait to dress up for Halloween. Only two and a half months left!!!

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