Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Plant Puttering

This is the season when I start getting really antsy about not having anything growing in the outdoor garden. The plants on the porch are either dormant or dead (probably a mix of both out there) and the indoor plants have slowed growth to a crawl. I need spring to get here!!!

In the meantime I putter around with the indoor plants.

The succulents I put into a large shallow container are doing well, though I had to move them out from under one of the higher wattage LED grow lights and over to my tube grow light. They were getting too MUCH "sun" and were getting all closed up and burnt looking. When the String of Buttons plant started looking like it might be going downhill I propagated some of the leaves. Now I have new tiny String of Buttons plants. So cute!

Propagated String of Buttons
 The only plants that seem to be doing really well so close to the LED grow light are the blue and pink colored Echeverias and the cacti. These enjoy full sun and are getting a nice pink tinge around the leaf edges of the Echeveria.
Some Echeverias turning a nice color.

J.D. and I had an onion sprout on our counter... so we decided what the heck, we'll plant it and see what happens. It has been growing us fresh green onions for weeks now. I planted it like I would an Amaryllus or Paperwhite bulb since it was winter and I couldn't plant it wholesale outside. I didn't want it to get too wet and start rotting. So far it seems to be doing ok, other than getting a bit leggy for light.  

Sprouted grocery store onion

The Peperomia plant I got around this time last year is doing really well! I do need to re-pot it sometime this spring. I love how adorable the leaves are on this variety. In the photo below you can also see some sad looking Polka Dot Plants in the back which I'm hoping to cut and re-root into healthier plants in spring, and some succulents.

Peperomia front and center under the grow tube light. 

Finally, the lavender and rosemary plants are getting by indoors. They're both under grow lights but not growing much, as it's not really their preferred habitat. They'd normally like just a mild winter outdoors. Too bad for them we're still getting some 15F nights! They'll probably stay in until mid to late March.

Lavender chilling amongst the Begonias.

Well, there you have it. Not much new here, just some small projects slowly growing indoors. I can't wait to grow outside again. Soon I'll start my lettuce seedlings and this year I have some Swiss Chard too! Can't wait.

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